I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to teach an art as beautiful as Yoga....Aradhika.


What I enjoy about your classes is the personal touch you give to each one of your students. You care about helping us to achieve the most our bodies will allow us to do.Your willingness to go with what each class needs depending on who comes.
My gratitude for you.

Denise of Ormond by Sea.

Aradhika's class is helping me develop strength in body , mind and spirit while working on flexibility also. It has become a very important part of my life.  Ann B of Ormond Beach.

Jarey of Ormond Beach says:Aradhika is a gifted instructor of yoga for everyone. Aradhika passes her gift of yoga to all who practice yoga with her. 
Join Aradhika to breathe, flex, strengthen, and balance with yoga friends.  Practice yoga with Aradhika without judging yourself.  Aradhika fosters a non-competitive environment for emotionally and physically safe yoga.  Wish I could actually convey in words just how perfect your yoga classes are for me and my "yoga buddies."  Aradhika, you're an especially good yoga teacher.  Gifted, talented, patient, in the moment.  Your directions are so clear and precise, I can do the entire class with my eyes closed.  No craning my neck to see what I'm supposed to be doing. 


Also, I am grateful to George Rego for offering to share space of his Jukido studio making it possible for me to teach.